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POS Software: the Way of the Future

Point of sale or POS software is changing the way we shop. It is becoming harder to find a checkout person these days. Why is that? Because the POS system has replaced them. With more people unemployed as a result, we the consumers, are able to breeze through the store that much faster and easier, except when it is time to bag the groceries.

As we zoom from aisle to aisle, another checkout person loses their job. Do we feel bad that someone has lost their jobs? Yes we do. Do we feel glad that we are able to shop faster and easier? Yes we do. What are we to do? The product may bring us conflict because this product may help us enjoy the shopping ease but we won’t be able to give as much moral support to those who are not working as a result. Is it perfect? No. But it it is up to you to decide which works better for you.

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